After-Sales Service System


1.Purpose and scope

Ensure and constantly improve the quality of products, to provide users with satisfactory services, to meet customer requirements. This regulation applies to the after-sales service of all ex-factory products.

2. Responsibilities

2.1 The Sales Department is responsible for the organization and implementation of after-sales service.

2.2 The Quality Department is responsible for the analysis and transmission of quality information.

2.3 The office is responsible for the training of service personnel's professional ethics and business skills.

3.Procedures and control requirements

3.1 Establish a service agency

3.2 Requirements for technical personnel

3.2.1 The technicians shall be skilled in technology, have strong problem-solving ability, and be familiar with the performance, structure, characteristics, operation, maintenance and troubleshooting procedures of the products.

3.2.2 Technical personnel must establish the concept of customer first, warm service attitude, strong sense of responsibility, within the scope of their duties, to ensure customer satisfaction.

3.3 Delivery procedures for quality information of ex-factory products

3.3.1 After receiving the quality information from customers, the Sales department shall timely send it to the Quality Department for record.

3.3.2 The Quality Department shall be responsible for checking, analyzing and determining the responsible units of the information content, clarifying the timeliness of information processing and transmitting it to the sales Department and relevant responsible units in the form of information feedback sheets.

3.3.3 After receiving the information sheet, the sales department shall, according to the content and requirements of the information, timely organize relevant units to determine the processing plan and implement the service.

3.4 After-sales service process and method

3.4.1 Before supply, we will fully understand customers' requirements and the particularity of the environment by contacting with them, analyze customers' consultation, and integrate all kinds of cutting-edge information to form technical data meeting the actual requirements.

3.4.2 Our company will accompany the goods with all kinds of documents and materials related to the goods, as well as the documents and services agreed by both parties. In the process of supply, we will actively solve or assist to solve any abnormal situation, regardless of the cause, to ensure the smooth progress of the customer's construction period.

3.4.3 After sales of each batch of products, the Marketing Department shall call back the customer's product quality status to obtain timely product quality information. If the customer raises any objection to the quality of the product, the company will make the disposal suggestion within 24 hours after receiving the objection. The company will file the product quality problem and the result of treatment.

3.4.4 The general manager shall organize the quality department, Marketing Department and other relevant personnel to make customer return visits from time to time, humbly listen to customers' opinions and Suggestions on the company's products, form return visit records, which shall be transmitted by the Marketing Department to relevant departments and filed. The Marketing Department issues a customer satisfaction survey letter at the end of the year to collect customers' comments and Suggestions on the company's quality and delivery date. Summarize and analyze the customer return visit and investigation situation and report to quality department. The quality Department is responsible for organizing all departments to analyze the reasons for customer comments and Suggestions, identify improvement opportunities, make continuous improvement and enhance customer satisfaction.

3.5 After-sales service flow chart